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Renson Camargue Skye

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 Camargue Skye® 

The Camargue Skye® is an innovative modular louvered roof system giving people the flexibility of an additional outdoor entertaining space.  

The CamargueSkye® can be constructed in different ways: free standing, attached to an outer wall, or connected on the Pivot sides, making it a great shade solution for many outdoor areas. The Camargue Skye® fits in with any architectural style thanks to its availability in all of the RAL colours and the various customisation options. 

The retractable louvered roof system consists of extruded aluminium roof blades that can be rotated to control sun protection and ventilation which are easily operated using a Somfy® remote control. The patented S-Drive Technology guarantees a durable, dependable rotating and sliding technology. This ensures the roof opens in one smooth motion. It can also slide open to provide the maximum amount of sunlight and an uninterrupted view. When closed, the roof is perfectly flat and there is minimum play between the blades.

The roof is water resistant when closed via the integrated water guide channels whereby the water is carried off to the columns. Water removal also works when the blades are turned open after rainfall protecting items under the roof. By adding side elements including glass sliding doors, wind proof, motorised Fixscreens® and Loggia® sliding panels, you can create infinite possibilities for customisation. When lowered or closed, motorised wind tight screens create a protective cocoon. Thanks to the partially transparent screens and optional crystal windows, the view of the garden remains. Extra ambience and comfort are created by direct or indirect LED lighting, Bluetooth speakers and heaters. 

A great deal of attention is also given to the quality of the finish. For example, the fixation parts are practically invisible, all of the electrical cables can be hidden and invisible floor mounting is also possible. The Camargue Skye’s® high-quality materials and design keep maintenance to a minimum, while simultaneously guaranteeing exceptional sustainability.

Technical Information

Max Span: 4500 mm x Pivot 6200 mm (in one piece), 

Passable height: 2800 mm / 0° angle

Joinable: The Skye can be extended using one of the larger spans or pivots to cover larger areas. In this case, a coupling side beam is used.
Passable height 2800 mm / 0° angle

Control: smartphone and/or tablet app

Rain intensity: Rainwater drains off to the columns via the integrated water guide channels. Even when opening the roof after a rain shower, the water-drainage system of the blades ensures that furniture and people on the terrace stay protected. Can process up to 144mm/h of rain for a maximum of 7 minutes. Wind resistant up to 120km/h while closed.

Capacity: up to110 kg/m2 *

Guide Pricing: Based on  4.05m(L) x 4.00m(W) x 2.50m(H) £ excluding VAT, shipping, Foundations & Installation. All prices subject to change and site survey.

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