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Renson Algarve

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The Algarve is a stylish louvered roof which is perfect if you are looking for a shade and rain solution to maximise the use of your garden. The roof is fully waterproof when shut, the rain runs along the louvres, down through the channels and into the ground.  

With the touch of a button the louvres open up to allow air flow and sunlight through the roof. The louvres can be stopped to angle towards the sun to allow for maximum light filtration.   

Side blinds can also be added, they sit in boxes on the external sides of the structure. Glass panels are also available and allow you to be protected from the elements whilst still being able to enjoy the view of your garden. Translucent blades and LED are available to allow maximum light into the structure throughout the day and night.

Guide Pricing: Based on  4.11m(L) x 4.00m(W) x 2.50m(H) £8,055.00 excluding VAT, shipping, Foundations & Installation. All prices subject to change and site survey.

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