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Minerva - Modern Italian Wooden Pergola

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With more than 80 years’ experience in the industry, Pircher has successfully transformed the millennium-long woodworking tradition of Italy’s Alto Adige Region into skill, technology, design, professionalism, efficiency and dedication. The timber specialist Pircher Oberland Spa now leads the field in the design, manufacture and distribution- tion of wooden furnishings and structures for outdoor use and homes. It operates successfully in the DIY, garden furniture and laminated wood structure sectors, with the right blend of tradition and innovation. Its high product quality is achieved through continual research and development, targeted at delivering maximum customer satisfaction at all times. In association with leading design names, Pircher brings all wood’s natural qualities to the fore, with lines that are always modern and attractive. In Alto Adige, woodworking goes back thousands of years, in a tradition of knowledge, respect and devotion. The Pircher family has been working wood for more than 80 years, and has more than 20 years’ experience in impregnation treatments on wood for outdoor use. Pircher’s mission is to convey a love for the natural characteristics of this invaluable, vibrant raw material - its vein patterns, its fragrance - while prioritising environmental protection, occupational health and safety and high ethical standards. These topics are central to Pircher’s social responsibility project, Green Dream (www.greendream.org). Launched in 2010, Green Dream brings together more than 50 activities in which the company engages every day to protect nature, to encourage the use of eco-sustainable production cycles, to support local environmental and community projects, and to guarantee its staff high-grade training and a safe workplace.

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