Custom Gas Fire Pit


Custom Designed, Made To Measure & Professionally Installed

Our in house designers can help you create the perfect fire pit design to complement your garden.
Each fire pit can be customised to your specification, made to measure and professionally installed.
Stone, Granite & Porcelain
We have access to a huge range of the UK’s highest quality Stone, granite and porcelain to choose from.


Exclusive Star Pattern Flame

Our Fire pit burner produces flames in a star pattern, that concentrate the flames towards the centre, thus producing a very bright and natural looking fire. The unit incorporates a push button piezo ignition system, (batteries or mains power not needed) and a flame failure device that cuts the gas supply if the flames are extinguished for any reason.
The variable gas valve is operated by a solid stainless steel lever, to adjust the flames and heat output as required.

Technical Specifications:

Gas Types
There are two types of burners available for our fire pits, one for Natural Gas, the other for LPG Bottled Gas.
(Note, they are NOT interchangeable, so the gas type must be decided during the design process)

Natural Gas supplied fire pits would need to be connected permanently to the house mains supply by a Gas Safety Engineer. This would require running an underground gas pipe from under the burner control box, back to a connection inside the house, preferably near the main meter. We recommend an isolator valve inside the house so the Fire Pit cannot be operated by anyone unauthorized, such as unsupervised children, or perhaps your neighbours (while you’re away on holiday!)

LPG Gas Burners will work with either Propane (Orange or Green Bottles) or Butane (Blue Bottles). However, we recommend Propane as this will work all year round, whereas Butane will only work in warmer weather.
Our firepit burners are rated at 18kw (Your typical lounge fireplace will be around 4kw)
Additional Technical Spec:
Gas Types
Natural Gas
G20 MethaneLPG
G31 PropaneLPG
G30 Butane
Appliance Category12H13+13+
Supply Pressure20 mbar37 mbar28-30 mbar
Heat Input11.5kW - 18kW9kW - 18kW9kW - 18kW
Maximum flow Rate1.7m3/hr1.3kg/hr1.3kg/hr



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