In 2007, Dutch designer Jan Willem Marijnissen, wondered why the host of a grill party always had to turn his back on his guests while preparing their food. He figured it would be much more social to have a grill where friends and family could gather around. The first basic idea of oneQ arose: a cooking island with different kitchen features on every corner. He created oneQ as a result of a personal passion for cooking and the ambition to add something to the existing outdoor market.

While new insights occurred, the original island got divided into separate linkable modules to create more flexibility. The minimal basis of the current oneQ system -the Leg- was born, making countless different set ups possible.

The minimal design of the oneQ Legs and the smart way they could be connected to each other, appealed to people. Marijnissen was challenged to further develop oneQ with the highest standard in mind and to continue on the path he had entered. Through its flexible design, oneQ caters to anyone's needs.