Renson Lagune


Patio cover with innovative, transparent fabric in the roof structure This patio cover consists of an aluminium structure with integrated Fixscreen® technology. The sun protection is completely integrated into the structure,  creating an aesthetic unit. Thanks to the modular structure, the entire unit is easy to expand, even afterwards.

The Fixscreen® technology combined with optimum screen tension ensures that rain water is drained via the guiding channels hidden within the structure. Even if the sun protection screen is not fully unrolled, the water that falls on it is drained away via this integrated water-drainage system. A great deal of attention is also given to the quality of the finish. For example, the fixation parts are practically invisible, all of the electrical cables can be hidden and invisible floor mounting is also possible. The Lagune's® high-quality materials and design keep maintenance to a minimum, while simultaneously guaranteeing exceptional sustainability. The Lagune® fits in with any architectural style thanks to its availability in all of the RAL colours and the various customisation options.

Customisation Options:

  • Triangle - must be equipped with a Triangle to allow the integration of extension options. In this case, the patio cover is fitted with a vertical wall profile and an additional box. The triangle created between the box and side channel is filled with a glass fibre fabric of your own choosing.
  • Loggia Sliding Panels 
  • Wind tight Fixscreens 
  • Glass Sliding Panels 
  • LED lighting 

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